'Irie'  (pron. i - ree, a Jamaican word) means happy or feeling great and 'Dingo' is an Australian wild dog. Interesting name for a great reggae sound.

irie dingo started as an original Rock, Funk & Reggae band in San Diego, CA. Jamaican born Singer / songwriter Wayne Galan, started the concept back in January 1999. Joined by 3 other major music talents, irie dingo was brought to life.
Each member brought a wide variety of musical influences, making every track an absolute original.  The band produced fluid songs with varying styles  -  Rock,  Funk,  Reggae,  even  Blues, with the  commonly identifying  trait of catchy melodies and a grooving bass-line. They definitely got the crowds on their feet!









Since 2009 irie dingo has concentrated on a fully reggae sound and added a couple of new members with solid reggae backgrounds to complete the authentic style. Now a 6 piece band, irie dingo keeps the party reggae music pumping and the crowds have responded in kind with positive feedback and great responses to live shows.  






Wayne Galan – Lead Vocalist
Dave Sorlien – Guitar
John S 
Julian P – Bass
Derek B - Keyboards
Justin G - Rhythm Guitar

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Wayne Galan

   Born in Kingston Jamaica, educated in Australia, now living in San Diego, California. While living in Australia, worked and played in a variety of different fields; Radio announcer, DJ/MC, Hotel Promotions Manager, Entertainer and Lead Singer in a covers Rock Band.

   Moved to sunny California in '95. Frequented L.A for some commercials, DJing plus a part in a Snoop Dogg & Tupac music video (2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted). Also sang lead vocals for 10 piece Rock & Soul Band - SOUL MISSION. Has now formed and heads the original rock and reggae band irie dingo.

   An experienced vocalist, songwriter and entertainer, Wayne's vocals are strong as he puts his himself into each song and sings from the soul. Loves the lead singer 'role' and smiles as he works up the crowd with energetic performances, showing he really enjoys every moment.


Dave Sorlien

  Years of experience in his home town of Minneapolis plus several more in his new sunny home – San Diego, shows through in Dave’s sweet sound and smooth style. A bad boy with brains working in the engineering field and wowing us with his awesome guitars, great effects and electronic gadgets.

  A master of the axe and able to play moving rhythmic melodies or ripping solos with precision and attitude.



Julian P

   An accomplished musician and performer who adds to the powerhouse of energy that is irie dingo. The very experienced 'Mr. P', punches in the grooving bass-lines, providing quality bottom end in many musical styles.

   Now living in North County performing and recording his unique bass style and sound.

Julian’s awesome bass provides a terrific low and funky sound.



John S

   A new dingo, John learned his trade by laying down beats for original and cover bands in the varied Reggae music scene. Now a San Diegan (hey – is anyone really from here?), John lends his authentic one drop style to the irie dingo groove. 
   The hard worker bee type with many drum sets, including both acoustic and electronic kits, John runs his own company in Escondido and now spends every other waking moment thinking about drums and playing out with irie dingo.


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 irie dingo’s smooth reggae song “Smiling Chances” went top 20 on MP3.com when the demo track was released in 2001.






     The varied influence of each of irie dingo’s members is what makes this band and its music truly original. Founder and lead vocalist – Wayne Galan was born in Jamaica and also spent 20 years in Australia. His roots in Jamaica give rise to reggae and calypso rhythms while his time spent Down Under provides a rock and soul influence within the vocals and songwriting. Guitarist Dave Sorlien hails from Minneapolis and more recently from Escondido, melodic riffs and solid rock solos from his amazing guitars are inspiring. Previous and recording guitarist Ilya Zatuchny is from near Ukraine in Russia. Chuck Miller on bass, with funk and groove-rock styles from his stomping grounds in Hawaii, showed his influences in writing plus slapping the strings when recording with the Dingo's. Now Julian P punches in the grooving bass-lines for this authentic reggae sound. Drummer John S shows his vast reggae experience & sweet rhythms that landed him the position for the happy dogs of irie dingo.

      Dynamic performers with professional sound gear, years of experience and great music to make the crowd get up and move. Previously a radio DJ and professional MC, Wayne has no trouble captivating the audience with strong vocals, energetic dancing and a contagious sense of humor. No matter the occasion, irie dingo will not disappoint as they have played to all types of crowds and ages. Mostly party reggae tunes but you will also definitely hear a few original songs, superbly done in the irie dingo style.

 80% reggae covers and 20% original tracks for multiple set Live events (private parties neg.)

Reggae tunes include:                                    No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley
            I Shot The Sheriff - Bob Marley                         Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – B.Dylan
            One Drop – Bob Marley                                    Leggo Beast – Steel Pulse
            Everything I Own - Ken Boothe                        Reggae Night - Jimmy Cliff
            Wild World – Maxi Priest                                  Johnny B Goode - Peter Tosh
            Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs                           Jump Around - Morgan Heritage
            Money, Money, Money - Lucky Dube                Wonderful World Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff
            Steppin' Out - Steel Pulse                                96 Degrees In The Shade - Third World   
            Rocket Man - Elton John                                  Jammin' - Bob Marley
            Party Next Door - Black Uhuru                         
….plus many other hit songs.



     Every venue they’ve played has asked irie dingo to return. This is due to their professional attitude, great songs and crowd satisfaction. These following references have experienced and continue to enjoy performances from irie dingo:

 Stage Management/ Sound Engineering
Chris Miller, Audio Manager – (760) 842-2694

 BD/Pharmingen BioScience
Kirstin Perolla, CTT Entertainment Committee – (858) 812-8917

BigRock Studios
Andy Machin, Manager – (760) 749-1641

 City Of San Marcos, San Marcos Street Scene
Cathy Cronin, Recreation Supervisor – (760) 744-9000

 Suzuki Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
Elite Racing (800) 311-1255



   Many years of experience playing clubs in and around San Diego has enabled irie dingo to gain a name as a professional live and original act. Operating as a team and paying attention to the finer details makes for a smooth and enjoyable event. Friendly, punctual and able to set-up and tear down in minutes in all kinds of configurations. Whether using venue provided P.A. or their own professional sound system, irie dingo will sound clear and impressive.

   No matter what the event or club, count on the dingo’s to work with the management and staff on making the performance compliment the occasion. For 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, irie dingo will play great original tracks plus well rehearsed classic covers and Top 40 music in an upbeat rock, funk and reggae style. Suitable for almost any audience, the group has performed for people aged from 8 to 80.



   All prices are negotiable and performance times adaptable to your event and area. Please let us know if your booking has a special theme or specific musical style requirement and a customized set list can be created.

Prices include promotions via the irie dingo Email list and Website, plus 200 printed flyers distributed locally and posters placed at location area, prior to the event.


  1 Hour


  Based on San Diego area.

  2 Hours


*20% Discount Available for venues

  3 Hours


  with P.A system & sound technician

  4 Hours



Contact us for a custom quote on your special event or venue!


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