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About  irie dingo   

'irie' (pron. i - ree, a Jamaican word) means feeling really great and 'dingo' is an Australian wild dog. Interesting name for a great authentic reggae sound.

Authentic party reggae music from well known artists and some excellently crafted original reggae songs you will love too. Now a 6 piece reggae band, some new members with extensive reggae experience were added to achieve the finest quality reggae music local to San Diego. 

irie dingo first started as an original rock and reggae band based in San Diego, CA. Jamaican born Singer / Songwriter Wayne Galan, started the concept back in 1999. Joined by other major music talents; Ilya Zatuchny on Guitar, Chuck Miller on Bass and John Latta on Drums, which brought irie dingo to life. In 2004 they made a self written, self produced proclamation of this unique rock and reggae music blend with their first CD album. Named One Nation Under Dog, it was made available to the public early in 2005.

Each member brings a wide variety of musical influences to the songs, making each irie dingo track on the debut CD an absolute original. Well produced and fluid songs with varying styles - reggae, rock, funk, even blues, with the commonly identifying trait of catchy melodies and a thumping bass-line.

Since 2009, the band now concentrates on a fully reggae sound. The solos and melodic riffs on guitar shine with experience from Dave Sorlien. The grooving bass-lines for the authentic reggae sound of this group, is pure quality bottom end from Julian's Bass Guitar. Professional keyboards gives a true reggae style and an unequaled sound. Finally and very importantly, nothing but the best sweet rhythms and pounding beats are essential for the irie dingo signature reggae sound; trained in Roots Reggae percussion, John makes it happen on the drums.

They will definitely get you on your feet!

The new reggae style and songs are carefully put together and arranged for an authentic reggae feel and music that San Diegans love! 

Click the links or pictures below for more information on each of the members and how they influence this contagious musical experience. Click Here to listen to some original irie dingo tunes. To get on the Email List for information and news on Upcoming Events - Click Here.

Still available is the Debut CD - ONE NATION UNDER DOG. Recorded in San Diego, it contains 11 original tracks including Smiling Chances which went top 20 on MP3.com. Click here to read a Press Review of the irie dingo CD.

irie dingo & BAND  MEMBERS


wayne galan

Wayne Galan - Vocals. Click Here for more info.


Lead Vocalist, Founder of irie dingo.

more details - click here.

dave s



julian p




john s


Original Debut CD

Bass -
chuck miller
click here

Guitar - 
ilya zatuchny
click here.




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